Multicultural Events in Wichita

Wichita is full of people who value a rich heritage. This means that there are plenty of events which allow people to come together in celebration. For example, The American Indian Festival is a great for people who wish to celebrate their Indian heritage. During this festival tourists will experience art, music, and different dances associated with Native American roots. In addition to the great art, music, and dance, there is plenty of Native American food to sample. This is a great place to take kids because there are booths which provide more information to those who wish to learn.

On the last Friday of every month, all museums and art galleries in Wichita allow tourists to visit their locations for free. this event is called Final Friday, and it attracts plenty of visitors by the thousands. It also allows you to ride on something called the Q-Line. This line enables you to see many different attractions throughout downtown. Along the way you will visit almost 30 different art galleries. During these gallery visits you will get to sample wines and different snacks. Make sure you bring your camera along so that you can take pictures of the many different sites you will come across.

Riverfest is a multicultural event that gets plenty of attention. This event takes place for 9 days, and it is by far the largest event in Kansas. Here, you will find 4 stages featuring live music from some of the most popular bands in the area. Additionally, you can find zip lines, the food court, helicopter rides, and more! The best part about Riverfest, is that it only costs $5.00. This makes it affordable for people who are living on a budget. The entire family will find plenty to do during this event, but make sure that very young kids are accompanied by an adult at all times. Wichita has people from all different cultures, so make sure you take the time to learn about each one of them during your stay. You just might learn more than you could ever imagine.

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